Puffy Wool Vest

Puffy Wool Quilted Vest - Sarah Kirsten Blog

Puffy quilted vests have been on my mind (which is why I put this tutorial together). I decided NOW IS THE TIME to make one!

These photos are by my friend, Kelby Maria, who is a professional photographer in the Portland area. It was a real treat to have her visit my sewing space and take these photos! Thank you, Kelby! <3

The ring I’m wearing in the photos is by the jewelry designer Aningri. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I love to wear this ring because it’s slim and simple. It’s one of those rare pieces that I feel like I’M wearing instead of IT wearing me.

Puffy Wool Vest - Sarah Kirsten Blog
Puffy Wool Vest - Sarah Kirsten Blog

I drafted a quick pattern, cut out all the pieces and sewed them together, and then used the same pattern pieces to cut out wool batting for the puff and insulation. My mom sent a truck load of our sheep’s wool to a mill and had it made into batting. The wool is quite easy and fun to work with in batting form.

Once the vest was sewn together with the bottom left open, I stuffed the batting inside the vest and hand stitched it together on the shoulders and sides. I think I stuffed a little too much in the shoulder section because they kind of stick out. That can probably be rearranged with some hand shaping though.

For the quilting stitching, I measured evenly spaced segments and placed scotch tape lines as stitching guides. It’s a bit of a pain to peel off the scotch tape if you stitch through it, but overall I think it that trick works quite well.

Next I want to make one with a collar and pockets and snaps. I underestimated how puffy the wool was going to be on this draft. I’ll also make it a bit bigger in the next draft and overlap the batting on the shoulders a little less.