16 Tips for Self Drafting Freedom

FREE - 16 tips to help you start drafting
FREE - 16 tips to help you get started self drafting

When I think of sewing, I think about the opportunity to create, to explore, to express. It's a glorious thing to not leave the design and creation of your self expression totally up to others. You have uniqueness in you that deserves to be manifested and shown. You are worthy of spending time and energy and money and paper and fabric on figuring out how to express those things inside of you in the form of clothing! You uniqueness is worthy and deserving of being explored and showed in a physical form. 

If you want to start drafting but feel held back for whatever reason, these tips are for you. These are things I have learned that have been very helpful in my self drafting journey. I hope they can be a help and encouragement to you on your journey of self expression through self drafting.