I Sew Because...

Spring seems to be blossoming outside and it's almost time to plant the garden. As spring makes its warmth permanent, I wanted to give you this PDF as a Spring-time reminder to treasure special moments.

Every evening here on the farm, an interesting event happens. Just as the sun begins to set, all of the little lambs begin to play. (In case you didn't know, in addition to sewing, I raise sheep!) It's as if they have an internal schedule that tells them it's time to play when the sun sets! They group into little lamb gangs and chase each other through the hills and dales as swiftly as their legs can go, leaping and jumping as they run. Then for a few moments they'll stop and pretend to head butt and wrestle with each other until one of them jets off down the hill and all come chasing after. It's quite a sight to see. It's a special moment. 

I often feel conflicted about how to spend evenings - do I sew or do I spend time outside doing something less measurably (no pun intended haha) productive? 

I think the lambs have the right idea. It's easy to feel pressure to always be creating, but I'd like to encourage you to seek balance and take a moment to remember why you sew in the first place. 

 Why do you sew? I sew because: 

  • It satisfies my soul

  • It helps me express who I am by enabling me to create and wear exactly what I want

  • It helps me connect to special moments and to experience life more deeply 

And when I analyze my 'why' I realize there is plenty of room for more than just sewing in my evenings. Take time to sew AND time to "play" during sunset. 

On the bottom of this poster there are some prompts to help you step off the sewing treadmill and to reconnect with your 'why'. 

This spring, let's spend some extra time wearing our memades outside in the warm sun, creating memories in the things we already have before we feel the pressure of creating something new. 

Print this off, pin it to your wall near your sewing machine, and drink in all the joy life has to offer.