How to Keep Your Sewing Space Tidy, Happy & Productive

How to Keep Your Sewing Room Tidy, Happy, and Productive - Sarah Kirsten

Every maker knows sewing is messy business. And as creative people, it's sometimes fun to be in a messy environment! Ideas flow, new projects get jump started, plenty of sewing materials strewn about to choose from…

But when I notice I’m starting to avoid my sewing room, I have to face the fact that it simply needs a good cleaning and tiding up.

For most of us, productivity is highest when we are surrounded by general order and tidiness -- when the joyful messiness is contained to it's rightful place. A certain measure of tidiness is especially important for prolonged, sustained productivity.

The thing is, maintaining tidiness, and therefore productivity, is easier if you have some basic systems in place. I’d like to give you these 14 simple things you could be doing to make a big impact on your sewing space. Tips that make sewing more enjoyable, make you more productive, and make you a happier person!

These are things I’ve learned after sewing many years in a variety of situations (ranging from tiny shared spaces to large spaces specifically dedicated to sewing). Whether you have an entire room dedicated to sewing or just your kitchen table, I hope these tips can be helpful to you.