Hi there, 

I'm Sarah. I live on a small sheep farm in Iowa and make sewing patterns. Sometimes I feel ridiculous spending so much making my designs into sewable patterns, but when I really think about it, I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing. I love creating clothes that make me feel good. And I love turning my designs into patterns for other people to love, too! 

How I feel about sewing

When I'm wearing clothes that I make, I feel more like my myself. Having unique clothes on the outside helps me express the uniqueness I feel on the inside. Sewing gives me the ability to give my invisible personality a shape and form that I can create all on my own. It's a powerful feeling. I  started making sewing patterns from my designs because I know that not everyone likes to design their own clothes or bags or to draft their own patterns. 


Right now the innocence and bagginess of children's clothing is really inspiring to me. I try to carry that notion into my clothes in an elegant and simple way. I'm drawn to the mixture of bagginess and tightness in individual pieces and in an overall outfit, and children's clothing does that so well. It's lovely when an outfit hints at the feminine lines of your body yet gives you room to breath and play and feel confident and free. 

I really enjoy using French seams on almost everything I can. They give a piece (whether it's a bag or a garment) a feeling of good quality character. They feel like there is nothing to hind.  It gives the piece an honesty and wholesomeness that I've come to really appreciate. So almost all of my patterns have French seams. Every once in awhile I enjoy leaving edges raw on fabrics that don't fray too much however. I love the sense of connection to the fibers of the fabric it brings to me in a more intimate way. But normally, I go with French seams. 

Simplicity is my priority. 

Simplicity is probably my highest priority when it comes to designing and producing a sewing pattern. I try to find the absolute simplest way possible to make each pattern without compromising quality. The simplest way to measure, to cut the fabric, to sew it all together so it will last, and the simplest, clearest way to explain each step.