Hi there, 

My name is Sarah Kirsten and I live on a small sheep farm in Iowa with my parents. Our farm has pasture, hay fields, woodlands, a pond, a creek, fruit trees, a big garden, and a big, beautiful house built with old sawmill lumber. I'm in charge of our small sheep flock, and having the smell of lanolin and manure on my hands at the end of each day is an absolute joy. That and watching the sunset every night. 

Besides taking care of the sheep, I like to climb rocks, go on bicycle tours, occasionally travel (30 countries so far!) and SEW! 

Sewing Philosophy: 

I like to create things that are simple, useful, and make me feel like me. I always feel the most myself in things that I have made. Creating my own wearables is like taking a portion of what is inside of me and giving it form, making it visible to the outside world. I hope you find wearables that make you feel like you here, too. 

How This Works: 

I design wearables that you don’t need a pattern for. No printing, taping, etc. You just need a measuring tape, scissors, pencil, sewing machine, beautiful fabric, thread, and occasional accessories like zippers and buttons. 

So here’s how it works: I write out all the measurements you need to make and explain how to make them, and then illustrate step-by-step how to cut and sew the fabric using the measurements you took.


If things get too complicated I don’t enjoy making them, wearing them, or trying to explain how to make them to other people. So rest assured that most of the stuff I design is very doable, even for inexperienced sewers.