Willow Bag Set

Willow Bag Set


The idea behind this bag set was to create a roomy duffel that had a wider opening than normal duffels for easy access to items on the bottom, easy rearranging, and easy unpacking. 

The two smaller pouches have matching structural design to the duffel which makes them practical and stylish. The sizes of the pouches were specifically designed for nesting. The small pouch fits widthwise inside the large pouch, and the large pouch fits widthwise inside the duffel for easy organization and packing. When the bags are not in use they fold up nicely to take up minimal storage space. 

All three sizes are simple and quick to sew. They are fully lined and French seamed for a clean finish, inside and out. Because the inside should be just as pretty as the outside. 

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  • Small pouch, large pouch, and duffel bag
  • Fully lined 
  • French seamed
  • Simple sewing techniques
  • Large storage capacity
  • Folds up small when not in use

Sizes (H x W x L): 

Duffel Bag:
8 ¾” x 8 ¾“ x 22 ½”

Large Pouch:
6” x 6” x 8”

Small Pouch:
4” x 4” x 6”

Materials needed:

Duffel Bag: 
36" x 34” outside layer
36" x 34” lining layer
36” zipper
105” of 1 ½” strap 

Large Pouch:
25” x 16” outside layer
25” x 16” lining layer
18” zipper 

Small Pouch: 
17” x 12” outside layer
17” x 12” lining layer
14” zipper 

Fabric Notes:

The outside layer works best with heavy to medium wight fabrics like canvas, upholstery, or home decor fabric. The lining layer works best with a lightwight fabric like quilting cotton. For more stiffness and structure, you may wish to add interfacing. 

The duffel bag strap works best with thick, 1 ½” wide belting. 

(Fabric used in photos is medium weight cotton canvas, quilting cotton lining, and cotton belting for the strap.) 

Sewing level: Easy

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