Simple and elegant

Clothes you make yourself that give you room to feel feminine, breath, play, and feel confident and free.



Step by step instructions

Sewing patterns don’t have to be intimidating or complicated. Making beautiful things with your sewing machine to fit your body can be simple.


Made by you for you

Clothing patterns that use measurements taken from your own unique body so they fit you perfectly.


Free Sewing Pattern



I care about you having a good sewing experience and creating clothes that make you feel good.

The best way to start is by having clear, easy to follow pattern instructions.

"Sarah's patterns are SO simple and easy to follow! There are not very many steps to creating one of her garments. They are very easy to follow compared to the patterns you get from the store that are so confusing. I was so happy when I tried my pieces on and they fit perfectly! I have now made two Aster Skirts and two Clover Apron dresses that I cannot wait to wear all summer! Sarah is a seamstress genius!"

- Elizabeth M. 


"I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not talented at sewing, it’s something that doesn’t come naturally to me. Patterns marked “Easy” were often “Very Trying and Difficult” for me. But Sarah's instructions were so well written out with easy to follow graphics and step by step instructions. When I was finished with my bag, I couldn’t believe how good it looked and I was proud of the fact that I had actually finished a sewing project by myself! Now, I’m more confident in my sewing skills, and that I can actually sew cute things!"

- Kelby C. 


Here's how it works...


You pick out a pattern...

You pick out a pattern...

The PDF pattern is sent directly to your email inbox...

The PDF pattern is sent directly to your email inbox...

Then you start creating right away!

Then you start creating right away!