They're Here! Handmade Black Walnut Point Turners

They are HERE! I just added a limited quantity of Black Walnut Point Turners to my shop. (See previous post for details and photos of how I made them.)

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Point turners are really useful for making corners crisp and sharp after sewing something with a corner or point and turning the fabric right side out. The sharp end of the turner effectively and efficiently forces the stubborn fabric of the seam allowance up against the stitching of the seam and causes the corner to expand to it’s full and intended potential.

In previous years I’ve used pens and accidentally left ink marks on the fabric, pencils with broken tips that never quite got the corner as crisp as I wanted, and the tips of scissors and accidentally cut through the fabric. All horror stories!

Point turners are an excellent addition to your set of sewing tools to keep handy by your sewing machine. Each one is unique and has slightly different color and size variation. If you’d like to grab one for your sewing table, grab one quick! Half of them pre sold before I even posted them for sale!

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