Interview with Abby Glassenberg on the Popular While She Naps Podcast

This week I have the honor of appearing on the delightful While She Naps Podcast by Abby Glassenberg!

If you haven’t listened to Abby’s podcast before, you should give it a listen just so you can hear her lovely voice and thoughtful questioning style. Not only is her voice soothing and powerfully gentle, she has a way of putting people at ease and letting them really explain their thoughts while guiding them with insightful, perfectly timed questions. The way she draws out stories is like an artist at work. Asking questions well is a social art, and she does it masterfully. It was a joy to be on the receiving end of her questions for this interview.

We talk about some of my marketing strategies and how my business has taken off, how I left the world of academia and agriculture to pursue sewing and starting my own business, some pivotal moments in my career so far (some might surprise you!), and how things have grown and changed in the short time since starting.

I’d love for you to have a listen (and then get sucked in and listen to all her other episodes!).

While She Naps Episode #148: SARAH KIRSTEN